Beating the incumbent supplier has got to be the hardest, most frustrating task for any sales person and business development manager!

Join us at this one-day conference all about high performing account management, rocking your customer’s experience and growing long-term meaningful partnerships. We will work through all the tools you need to know your customer, nail your next pitch and deliver meaningful sustainable value to your customers.

Whether you’re new to the game or have been around the block, you will expand the depth of your skills as our sales and account management experts talk you through:

  • The art of negotiation and persuasion – beating the incumbent,
  • Competitive positioning – from marketing to the sale to the relationship,
  • Engagement strategies to rock your customer experience,
  • Striking the deal – long term partnerships and hurdles, and
  • Using platforms to drive smart analytics – Driving customer insights through to mobility.

We will help you develop your strategic plan, refresh your territory action plan and cultivate relationships with the influencers in your customer’s businesses. Delivering genuine value-add to your customers has never been more important.

Sales & Business Development Conference

Wednesday, 9th May 2018

EMA Business Hub



keynote Speaker Craig Hudson Country Manager, XERO
keynote Speaker Steven Boyd Managing Director, Deadly Ponies
keynote Speaker Sarah McBride Group Sales Manager, NIB NZ
keynote Speaker Sam Williams Founder, Amplify
keynote Speaker Kayne Franich Membership Manager, EMA
keynote Speaker Debbie Humphrey Founder, Spring
keynote Speaker Daniel Sykes CRM Chief Technical Officer, Fusion5
mc Speaker Deborah Law Manager - In-house and tailored training , EMA


Day 1 09 May 2018
09:10 - 9:50

Beating the incumbent – The invisible obstacles and the art of storytelling and persuasion 

  • Defining your competitor’s footprint – what has locked them in first place?
  • Creating greater influence and building the relationships that will put you at the toplocking the right questions to maximise conversion
  • Relationship vs Service vs Feeling Safe – Leading a client towards the light
  • The battle on price – Strategies that aren’t just about discounting
  • Onboarding: Be more than just a good first date

Sam Williams, Founder, Amplify

13:00 - 13:40

High Performing engagement strategies – Rock your customer experience!

  • Your relationship as a service – A changing market, new demands and increased competition
  • Engaging different generations of customers – The changing tide of expectations
  • Enhancing your touch points and making what you already do, so much better
  • “Many-to-Many” – what to do when you’re not the only one in the business that is talking to that client
  • Taking things to the next level and selling the vision to the board and your senior managers

Debbie Humphrey  Founder, Spring

13:40 - 14:20

Striking the deal for long term partnerships – More than a single transaction

  • Up-selling the relationship to a service model – what your customers care about when you’re in for the long haul
  • Finessing your weaknesses during tough negotiations when they’ve never played the long game
  • Multi-year contracts and the key tips to continually delivering on expectations
  • Managing changes in your key relationships – What to do when you’ve lost all that mileage
  • Keeping your long term relationships fresh and what matters when you’re the incumbent

Sarah McBride Group Sales Manager, NIB NZ


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Like a first date, learn all about your customer and what matters to them before you make your first move!

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