Being daring with your business means managing the risks

Operating a business can be like running a circus: as you juggle priorities, walk the high wire, and strive to deliver quality health & safety, potential risk is created. Everyone’s safety and wellbeing can only be assured by effectively identifying and managing the risks that put your people in harms way.

The EMA’s 22nd annual Health and Safety Conference will give you the opportunity to review your organisation-wide performance and give you the tools and industry know-how to reinforce your safety nets.

Our Ringmaster will lead a fantastic line-up of speakers who will be exploring key ideas:

  • Safety Leadership – Action, not words – Transforming your safety culture from governance to the shop floor
  • Steps to a healthy and successful business – Building a mentally fit workplace
  • Communication in the culturally diverse Kiwi workplace – Strategies for keeping your health and safety messages clear
  • Keeping out of Crisis – Plan for emergencies and evacuations – Training to be prepared
  • How to manage travelling 100,000 miles a month safely – AirNZ protocols to manage critical risks
  • Creating Safety’s Crystal Ball – Safety analytics to prevent accidents
  • The Psychology of a “Happy Ending” – Why people feel the way they do about health and safety in the workplace

Effective leadership, training and robust systems all enable operation at a high level of performance while ensuring risk is managed and safety nets are in place. If you are a business leader, manager, supervisor, HR or health and safety professional don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from case studies and industry experts.

22nd Annual Health and Safety



Thursday, 22 March
Friday, 23 March





Do you have a unique solution, want to showcase your latest technology, health and safety innovations; or would like a chance to get in front of key influencers from a wide range of New Zealand businesses?

Joining us as an exhibitor at EMA’s 22nd Annual Health and Safety Conference will be a sound business investment. You will benefit from networking with like-minded professionals face-to-face, gain insight into where these businesses are heading and have the opportunity to present to them the tools to succeed.

Place your business ahead of the curve – contact us about exhibiting at EMA’s Health and Safety Conference 2018:

Alba Machordom
Health and Safety Training & Events Coordinator at EMA or call 09 367 0965


mc Speaker Leah Panapa Broadcaster/Presenter
keynote Speaker Nigel Latta Goldfish wisdom
keynote Speaker Chris Alderson Director Health and Safety Consulting, PwC
keynote Speaker Lisa Burdes SkillsConnect Canterbury Business Advisor, CECC
keynote Speaker Brett Harris Barrister, Brett Harris Barrister
keynote Speaker Philip Cryer Chief Executive Officer, Telarc
keynote Speaker Wendi Croft EHS Manager Global Programmes & Governance Fletcher Building Limited
keynote Speaker Sarah-Jane Whitehead People Safety Business Partner Crew and Pilots Air Operations, Air New Zealand
keynote Speaker Alex Van Crasbeek Associate, Safety Associates
keynote Speaker Glynis McCarthy Principal, Safety Associates
keynote Speaker Petra Håkansson Managing Director, Guardian Angel Security Ltd
keynote Speaker Logan Wait   Director, ecoPortal
keynote Speaker Mike Lindsay Managing Director, Building & Fire Services (2008) Ltd
keynote Speaker Cynthia Johnson  Thinking Partner, Muritai21 Ltd
keynote Speaker Phil Parkes Chief Operating Office, WorkSafe
keynote Speaker Steven Carden Chief Executive, Pamu Farms of NZ (Landcorp)
keynote Speaker Niki Walker Health, Safety and Security Coordinator Auckland Zoo


Day 1 22 March 2018
12:00 - 12:30

Health & Safety Technology in 2020.

In this session Logan will offer insights into how current technology trends could support safer and healthier workplaces, in the not too distant future.

  • Technologies hidden behind acronyms, VR, AR, AI , IOT and it’s potential for developing practical tools
  • How this technologies could improve workers life, management and H&S professionals alike
  • Actual technology trends and their current commercial applications
  • Case study how this technology could and should be used to support health and safety

Dr Logan Wait, Director | ecoPortal

15:15 - 15:55

Managing Risk under the new Health and Safety at Work (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 2017.

  • Best practice for managing the risks with hazardous substances.
  • What does a practical risk management approach to hazardous substances look like
  • When does the Regulations become a good practice guideline
  • How to make SDS more understandable for your workers
  • Competency for workers – Getting your teams up to play and how to keep them on track

Alex Van Crasbeek, Associate | Safety Associates

Glynis McCarthy, Principal | Safety Associates

15:55 - 16:25

How to manage travelling 100.000 miles a month safely.

  • Taking charge of critical risks – defining and tracking your responsibilities
  • Our protocols everyday – how to manage expectations and ensure they are embedded into everyday procedures
  • Developing solutions to ensure the safety of our staff and passengers as an integral part of our culture and engagement
  • Developing a High Performance and engagement (HPE) culture focused on collaboration with unions and employees

Sarah-Jane Whitehead, People Safety Business Partner Crew and Pilots Air Operations | Air New Zealand

Day 2 23 March 2018
10:55 - 11:30

Enforceable Undertakings from a Defence Perspective: A Brave New World of Enforcement.

A legal, but real world, explanation of what it takes to manage applications for an Enforceable Undertaking.

  • Why you might want to do it …and why you might be hesitant to do it.
  • The legal point of view of taking applications for an EU.
  • Examples of some of the legal and the defence issues to “juggle” when an application for an “EU” is on the cards.

Brett Harris, Barrister | Brett Harris Barrister

14:50 - 15:30

The Psychology of a Happy Ending.

Nigel will explain why people feel the way they so often do about Health and Safety. It should be the easiest sell in the world, but often it’s the hardest. This can be a little disheartening when your only intent is to actually look out for the wellbeing of those around you. The good news is that there is a way forward, and it has a lot to do with understanding how to turn the shortcomings of our stone aged brains to our advantage.

Nigel Latta, Clinical Psychologist | Goldfish Wisdom


The show doesn’t stop at the conference.

At nib, we’re all about great partnerships. We support EMA as we understand that health insurance is an employee benefit of real value and great attraction. We’ll work with you to communicate the true extent of this value to your team. So, get in contact with us and let us amaze you.



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